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Proper Buttercream

Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake with Salted Lemon Buttercream

Ah March, a busy month, moving studio things into multiple storage units over multiple days and another country, racing to pack for another long term artistic adventure and getting things unpacked at home.

I thought I would get a recipe ready to post in advance for St. Patrick’s Day. I made this Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake created with Brooklyn Breweries Chocolate Stout whilst in a fit of madness during packing, sorting, repacking and of course moving yet more soil! I was going to take my hard drive with me but in another all nighter packing fest, I didn’t get it started to run a backup till near dawn. It said it would take days to copy so I had to leave it running. Subsequently I left all my recipes and photos for the month at home. Now I am in North Carolina without the recipe for the Buttercream which I made up as an alternative to all the Salted Caramel recipes that seem to be ever present in the land.

The recipe for my proper Buttercream with homemade Preserved Lemon will have top be posted later. In the meantime find some Myer Lemons and stock up on some Moroccan Preserved Lemons. They are well worth the wait.

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